meMy first images were taken of canoeing events in the early 90's, before I was lucky enough to work for the local newspaper, covering a wide range of events from school fetes to train crashes, and I even had some time in Bosnia working with various aid agencies. Nearly everything was shot in black & white, with a smattering of colour, as these were the last days of film. Films would be hand developed, and then hand printed sometimes minutes after the job was shot, and possibly in some strange hotel bathroom...a far cry from todays digital always on world.

Working as a local press photographer I had to be a 'jack of all trades' shooting the local major with a cheque presentation ('called a grip & grin'), to covering the local police breaking down doors. I was first introduced to Kodak TMAX 3200 for covering ice hockey = low light fast action, with slow optics, but I was still expected to produce workable images every time. I eventually moved to work for an photo agency in London, specializing in covering the royal family, where fast lenses and fast reactions were the order of the day. I was never really suited to the cut throat world of being a 'pap' (I'm too nice!!), so despite having some success I moved into academia, teaching and the IT world.

I eventually moved on again to start my own business doing something completely different, but something was still missing in my creative life so I rekindled my love of stark graphic and B&W imagery, with a foray into digital images and even digital video. With the help of ebay I purchased basic kit and things moved on from there. I don't believe you need the latest equipment to produce atmospheric and visually stunning images, just the right subject and an understanding of what can be achieved. The photographers eye is the first tool.

I am a qualified BSAC sports diver and an assistant instructor, with growing UK diving experience, my diving in the UK in less than perfect conditions and my experience as a professional photographer match perfectly allowing me to explore a complete new and diverse underwater environment.

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